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Dior’s new Aviator sunglasses feature high-quality design, smart design

Dior is known for high-end luxury and luxury watches.But what about its high-performance aviation products?Dior is bringing the aviator’s look to high-tech sunglasses.The company unveiled its first line of high-performing aviator frames and sunglasses on Wednesday.They are called Aviator Sport, Aviator Elite, and Aviator Ultra.The Aviator Supreme comes in four shades, and each one is […]

The Ultimate Leather Aviator Jacket: Leather Avios is a complete collection of leather aviator jackets for the modern man.

Wired – January 23, 2018 – Leather aviator is a fashion term that means a leather jacket made from leather or other materials.This term is often used to describe a jacket that has a fabric that is made of a material that is not typically found in a leather suit.The term also can be used […]

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