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How to find a good pilot in the UK

The UK has the second-highest number of people with an aviation degree (7.2 million), followed by the US with 6.8 million.But there is an even bigger gap between the two countries, with Australia and New Zealand accounting for less than one-third of the total.This gap has widened since the introduction of the new UK Aviation […]

“I just can’t go through it again”

The Air Force Academy has fired an instructor after a student reported being sexually assaulted, the academy announced Friday.Air Force Maj. Robert W. Martin, a senior airman who had been assigned to the aviation academy’s aviation training center, resigned after the incident.The Airman Association of America, which represents the academy’s instructors, released a statement saying […]

Airline pilot accused of smuggling drugs into US

On February 7, 2014, a plane piloted by an American pilot from King School Aviation was forced to make an emergency landing in San Francisco after being hijacked by suspected drug traffickers.The pilot was arrested in the city’s airport after police discovered marijuana, cocaine and ecstasy pills on board.A search of the aircraft and the […]

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