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Pilot Aviator Skins and Credit Cards – IGN’s Guide to the Pilot Skins & Credit Cards

You don’t have to spend thousands on aviator gear to enjoy flying your favorite aircraft.With the Pilot Aviators, you’ll enjoy a sleek design, high-quality materials and an eye-catching design.You’ll get an incredible amount of customization for your favorite flight suit, including a new face and custom aviator goggles.The Pilot Avios are also available in a […]

What to do when your flight attendant refuses to let you buy a new pair of glasses

Fox News has learned that one of the most frequent complaints by passengers during long-haul flights is the lack of an aviator or coach aviator glasses.According to a study from SeatGeek.com, only 15% of the airline seats on planes this year were equipped with aviator seats.SeatGeeks.com surveyed over 20,000 of the busiest domestic flights around […]

When you fly in a coach, do you really need a plane seat?

It’s a question you’ll likely be asked when you’re traveling in an aircraft coach, or even in the cabin of a coach.If you’re in the coach, you’ll find it a bit difficult to recline your seat to sleep, so the most comfortable way is to have a seatbelt on your head.When you’re flying, however, you’re […]

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