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Bose aviation headsets may finally arrive on the Israeli market

An Israeli aviation company is reportedly planning to introduce its first pair of avionics for the Israeli Air Force, citing “unresolved” problems with the Boeing 737 MAX, according to Haaretz.The company, Avion Aviation, has been working with the Air Force since 2014 to develop avionics, according its website.Avion said that the company was “deeply disappointed” […]

How to buy a Bose headset

Bose announced on Monday it is partnering with Apple to make its headset compatible with Apple’s AirPods.This will allow customers to use the AirPod for music playback and playlists on Bose’s headphones, including the Beats Music streaming service.Bose’s AirPod headphones, available in four colors, come with Bluetooth and a microSD card slot, and are priced […]

What’s the best airline to travel on?

What’s in the best Australian travel budget?The answers are all there in the new report by travel website Bose, which has been the go-to for people who want the latest technology, the best accommodation and the best airport.It has also got you covered when it comes to finding flights, accommodation and airport transfers. Read more.

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