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Which airline has the most frequent credit card fraud?

Barclays Bank USA, the world’s biggest credit card issuer, is facing a massive audit over its fraudulent activity.The report from the US Securities and Exchange Commission says that the bank, whose card systems are vulnerable to fraud, has already incurred losses of more than $100 billion since 2011.The company is facing scrutiny for the use […]

Which airline is the best to fly on?

The United Airlines flight from Los Angeles to London on Wednesday was the fifth time in six months that an American airline had crashed in the skies over the Pacific.It marked the first time in the company’s 78-year history that a single plane crashed into the sky.Aviation experts said the plane that crashed Wednesday was […]

How do you decide which airlines to fly?

AOPA aviation expert says it’s a matter of “quality” when choosing a travel company.The American Aviator Mastercard and American Airlines Mastercard are among the most popular, with more than 1 billion cards issued in 2015.However, the American Aviation Mastercard, which had the highest annual growth rate, and the American Airlines Premier Mastercard have seen their […]

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