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Which country’s aviation instructors are the best?

The United States has been ranked No. 1 among countries in the world for its aviation instructors by the International Association of Aviation Instructors (IAA-IATA).According to the rankings, which are based on research done by IAA-ITA, the U.S. led the way for quality instructors, followed by Japan, Germany and Canada.While it is a major accomplishment […]

How the Ravens can win the Super Bowl with Joe Flacco, Michael Vick and Robert Griffin III

The Baltimore Ravens won their fifth Super Bowl title in six seasons, and they’ll be celebrating their fifth straight victory in the postseason when the team faces off against the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday.The Ravens won the AFC South in 2017 with Joe Flynn, a quarterback who was drafted by the team in the […]

The best aviator sunglasses for men

With the advent of the iPhone and its associated camera app, men are getting into aviator watches as a fashion accessory and a daily wear choice.And, according to new research, they’re also getting into a variety of aviator wear, from the $300+ Aviator Watch to the $350+ Avios Watch.We’ve gathered some of the best aviators […]

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