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Pilot Aviator Skins and Credit Cards – IGN’s Guide to the Pilot Skins & Credit Cards

You don’t have to spend thousands on aviator gear to enjoy flying your favorite aircraft.With the Pilot Aviators, you’ll enjoy a sleek design, high-quality materials and an eye-catching design.You’ll get an incredible amount of customization for your favorite flight suit, including a new face and custom aviator goggles.The Pilot Avios are also available in a […]

Which airline is most likely to hire you?

The airline you’re interested in could be on your way, but which airline is best suited for you?It’s hard to tell from a distance, but here’s a quick rundown of the airlines that are most likely of interest to you.Airline Type Location of operation Airline name Airline employees Hours/day Hours per week/month Flight time/price/year Flight […]

Why Reddit is not an aviator’s dream

The internet has been full of aviator stories for decades, but it seems to be taking off for a different reason.For one, there are more people aviator-related jobs than ever before.That’s because aviator jobs are growing more popular than ever.But Reddit, which has an aviatrix community and is often credited as the birthplace of aviation, […]

Why are some airlines paying customers $300 to fly with no credit cards?

Aviation credit cards offer the most flexibility for airline customers, but some airlines are offering passengers the chance to skip credit card payments and pay with a credit card instead.The Globe and Mail’s Justin Giovannetti and Richard Lauterive explore how the new technology could offer a more efficient way to pay for flights.

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