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When America’s Next Great Aviation Pilot Will Win the Race

As the first female aviator to fly the F-35, the Air Force’s Lt.Gen. David Wainwright is now set to become the new president of the US Air Force.Wainwerks’ name has surfaced in reports on the F/A-18 Hornet and the F–35 Lightning II, and the general has recently been spotted at a Trump rally.The president of […]

Dynamic aviation helmet for the outdoors

The textron aviation headset was a revolutionary innovation that revolutionised aviation for a generation.But it’s now in a terrible state of disrepair, according to a new crowdfunding campaign.The textrons Dynamic Aviation Helmet is now one of the most expensive pieces of equipment in the world, according the textron website.Textron says it is “very sorry” for […]

The best aviator sunglasses for men

With the advent of the iPhone and its associated camera app, men are getting into aviator watches as a fashion accessory and a daily wear choice.And, according to new research, they’re also getting into a variety of aviator wear, from the $300+ Aviator Watch to the $350+ Avios Watch.We’ve gathered some of the best aviators […]

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