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US to ban foreign aircraft from flying over Israel

US President Donald Trump has ordered the US Navy to ban its most expensive aircraft from taking off or landing in Israel, an effort aimed at curbing the number of US airliners taking off from the tiny country.The move, which is not expected to take effect for some months, comes amid a growing number of […]

How to find a good airline, when you’re new

We all know how to find flights to our destination, but where to start?We all have the same question: where to begin?We’re always searching for flights on Flightradar24, but what if you don’t have a ticket?Well, we’ve rounded up the best airlines to help you find your way around the world.1.EasyJet2.AirAsia3.Emirates4.Easyjet5.Emirates6.FlyDubai7.Air France8.Qantas9.Etihad10.Jet2.Asean Airlines1.Air Asia Airlines2.Jet […]

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