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When the first jet engines went off: How a single flight became the inspiration for ‘Aviator’

A pilot has died after a crash landing near the Hollywood Hills, according to a police report.The crash occurred Saturday around 2:30 p.m. when a commercial jet carrying six pilots went down in the desert near Rancho Santa Fe, according the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department.One of the pilots suffered minor injuries.The plane went down about […]

Which airlines offer the best airline finance in the country

Aviation engineering is an engineering field that deals with aerodynamics, turbulence, turbulence control and other topics.It is an area of engineering that deals primarily with aeronautical and engineering issues, such as aircraft design, performance, safety, reliability, maintenance, and other important matters.In aviation engineering there are various schools that are accredited with various types of universities […]

2018 Lincoln Aviation Industry Awards 2018

Engadgadget has put together this year’s best aviation products and services for consumers.The awards show features award-winning products from aerospace and aviation manufacturers, including:The 2018 Lincoln AVIBA Awards will take place from September 21 to September 26 at the Lincoln Aviation Museum.The awards will be presented in conjunction with the Lincoln Aerospace Museum.The winners of […]

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