What to expect when you’re watching the premiere of ‘The Pilot’ from Fox News

FOX NEWS — The pilot of the new FOX News Channel’s hit series The Pilot will be returning to the network on May 24.The network announced on Tuesday that Joe Rogan, the host of the hit TV show, will host the premiere episode of The Pilot, which stars Jon Hamm, Jada Pinkett Smith and Michael […]

Recode’s Dave Weigel explains why he believes Apple’s Siri will not be a hit on the home theater market

We’ve written before about the potential for the Siri voice assistant to replace traditional search and navigation services on home theater devices.But while the new technology will certainly bring a huge boost to Apple’s business model, there are still a lot of unanswered questions.Read More

US to ban foreign aircraft from flying over Israel

US President Donald Trump has ordered the US Navy to ban its most expensive aircraft from taking off or landing in Israel, an effort aimed at curbing the number of US airliners taking off from the tiny country.The move, which is not expected to take effect for some months, comes amid a growing number of […]

When the first jet engines went off: How a single flight became the inspiration for ‘Aviator’

A pilot has died after a crash landing near the Hollywood Hills, according to a police report.The crash occurred Saturday around 2:30 p.m. when a commercial jet carrying six pilots went down in the desert near Rancho Santa Fe, according the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department.One of the pilots suffered minor injuries.The plane went down about […]

Dior’s new Aviator sunglasses feature high-quality design, smart design

Dior is known for high-end luxury and luxury watches.But what about its high-performance aviation products?Dior is bringing the aviator’s look to high-tech sunglasses.The company unveiled its first line of high-performing aviator frames and sunglasses on Wednesday.They are called Aviator Sport, Aviator Elite, and Aviator Ultra.The Aviator Supreme comes in four shades, and each one is […]

“I just can’t go through it again”

The Air Force Academy has fired an instructor after a student reported being sexually assaulted, the academy announced Friday.Air Force Maj. Robert W. Martin, a senior airman who had been assigned to the aviation academy’s aviation training center, resigned after the incident.The Airman Association of America, which represents the academy’s instructors, released a statement saying […]

Aeronautical Academy of Aviation Museum in Australia opens its doors to the public

The new Aeronautics and Astronautics Museum of the United States (AAAMUS) is located in the heart of Melbourne, Australia.The building is designed to hold the museum’s permanent collection, including aircraft from the 1940s to the present.The AAAMUS will be the largest collection of aviation related artifacts to be housed in the United Kingdom, including more […]

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