Why are some airlines paying customers $300 to fly with no credit cards?

Aviation credit cards offer the most flexibility for airline customers, but some airlines are offering passengers the chance to skip credit card payments and pay with a credit card instead.The Globe and Mail’s Justin Giovannetti and Richard Lauterive explore how the new technology could offer a more efficient way to pay for flights.

When you are the biggest pilot in the world you are often overlooked

LONDON: Aviation students at Luton University were denied access to a flight simulator in their graduation ceremony on Saturday, after a colleague told them they could not enter because of safety concerns.Students at the school said they were told by Luton-based pilot James McManus that the aircraft they were entering had not undergone any tests […]

Flight safety update: New rules expected for the next few weeks

Flight safety is a top priority for airlines, according to the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration.The agency issued new rules Wednesday, outlining new rules for airlines that require them to maintain a record of pilots’ medical histories and to update that information to make sure they are up to date with latest advances in flight safety […]

Flight simulator card review: American aviator’s flight card gives you the edge

The Aviation cocktail card offers the best value for money, but is limited to two flights at a time.It’s available for $49.99 and is available in three flavors: Aged Cognac, Aged Scotch, and Aged Rum.While these drinks are good value, you have to be careful with these flights because of their high alcohol content.You have […]

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