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How to earn more than a top aviator

For most of the past two decades, a top-level aviator has been a dream job.Today, aviators earn far more than their predecessors.The average salary of an aviator is around $US10 million ($10.5 million) a year, according to a 2015 study by consultancy KPMG, while the average annual salary of a commercial pilot is around £1.5m […]

Dynamic aviation helmet for the outdoors

The textron aviation headset was a revolutionary innovation that revolutionised aviation for a generation.But it’s now in a terrible state of disrepair, according to a new crowdfunding campaign.The textrons Dynamic Aviation Helmet is now one of the most expensive pieces of equipment in the world, according the textron website.Textron says it is “very sorry” for […]

When the Air Force comes to Dublin: The future of the Air Cadet academy

The future is here.The Air Force has announced a new €30 million plan to develop the next generation of cadets in Dublin by 2020.The programme, announced at the National Aviation Museum in Dublin on Tuesday, will bring together the world’s most experienced cadets from Ireland, the UK and Australia to share their experience and expertise […]

How to find a good airline, when you’re new

We all know how to find flights to our destination, but where to start?We all have the same question: where to begin?We’re always searching for flights on Flightradar24, but what if you don’t have a ticket?Well, we’ve rounded up the best airlines to help you find your way around the world.1.EasyJet2.AirAsia3.Emirates4.Easyjet5.Emirates6.FlyDubai7.Air France8.Qantas9.Etihad10.Jet2.Asean Airlines1.Air Asia Airlines2.Jet […]

Which airlines offer the best airline finance in the country

Aviation engineering is an engineering field that deals with aerodynamics, turbulence, turbulence control and other topics.It is an area of engineering that deals primarily with aeronautical and engineering issues, such as aircraft design, performance, safety, reliability, maintenance, and other important matters.In aviation engineering there are various schools that are accredited with various types of universities […]

What is the cost of flying?

This is a guest post by Chris Pynchon.He is the author of ‘The Flight’, the bestseller about the life of an airline pilot.Chris is an aviation cocktail writer and the founder of The Flight.He also writes for The Conversation, The Age and The Guardian.Topics:airline-operations,australia,aimee-mcmahon-julian,japan,south-africa,fiji,benjamin-flynn,benghazi,united-kingdom

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