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General Electric’s new SUV, the Lincoln, is the ultimate luxury car

General Electric has announced a new luxury SUV, the General Electric Lincoln AViator, and announced that the car is a “premium sports car.”The Lincoln AViator will be the first luxury sports car from General Electric, according to the company.The Lincoln is described as the company’s “most advanced” and “most powerful” sports car.Its engine is designed […]

Bose aviation headsets may finally arrive on the Israeli market

An Israeli aviation company is reportedly planning to introduce its first pair of avionics for the Israeli Air Force, citing “unresolved” problems with the Boeing 737 MAX, according to Haaretz.The company, Avion Aviation, has been working with the Air Force since 2014 to develop avionics, according its website.Avion said that the company was “deeply disappointed” […]

Why are some airlines paying customers $300 to fly with no credit cards?

Aviation credit cards offer the most flexibility for airline customers, but some airlines are offering passengers the chance to skip credit card payments and pay with a credit card instead.The Globe and Mail’s Justin Giovannetti and Richard Lauterive explore how the new technology could offer a more efficient way to pay for flights.

Flight simulator card review: American aviator’s flight card gives you the edge

The Aviation cocktail card offers the best value for money, but is limited to two flights at a time.It’s available for $49.99 and is available in three flavors: Aged Cognac, Aged Scotch, and Aged Rum.While these drinks are good value, you have to be careful with these flights because of their high alcohol content.You have […]

Recode’s Dave Weigel explains why he believes Apple’s Siri will not be a hit on the home theater market

We’ve written before about the potential for the Siri voice assistant to replace traditional search and navigation services on home theater devices.But while the new technology will certainly bring a huge boost to Apple’s business model, there are still a lot of unanswered questions.Read More

When the first jet engines went off: How a single flight became the inspiration for ‘Aviator’

A pilot has died after a crash landing near the Hollywood Hills, according to a police report.The crash occurred Saturday around 2:30 p.m. when a commercial jet carrying six pilots went down in the desert near Rancho Santa Fe, according the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department.One of the pilots suffered minor injuries.The plane went down about […]

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