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                Stewart Aviation Services Inc. was created to provide quality flight instruction and aircraft rental services, but also to make available to prospective pilots a tool which for some reason has, to our knowledge, never before been offered in General Aviation schools – that is instruction financing!

                   To be sure, there are many pilot training centers which are professional and quality minded in what they do.  But too often I have personally witnessed student pilots who are forced to drag out their training due to lack of available and liquid funds.  Some of these take years to complete what should require a mere few months.  Worse, many simply drop out completely having to forfeit their dream of flight!  To an avid aviator such as myself, these scenarios are nothing short of tragic!

                Finally, it occurred to me that if someone could provide a program of financing to establish individual “training accounts”, pilots could utilize their own funds as needed and as frequently as necessary to achieve their training goals in the least amount of time possible.  The bonus is realized when, due to more frequent skills utilization, student pilots most always complete the training objectives for less overall expense.

                At Stewart Aviation, we did in fact, create such a program which has made paying for flight training as simple as buying a used car.  The results are overwhelming.  Students are completing their individual customized training programs in record time, and within the first three months of operation, the flight school itself outgrew its facilities and was forced to relocate to more modern and larger accommodations!  I am extremely proud that Stewart Aviation has enabled many people to achieve a dream that for most, would not have been realized; that is, of course, the dream of flight!                                                

                If you have a desire to fly, whether for pleasure, business, or career, you owe it to yourself to contact us for a free consult.  We will customize a training program to fit your needs and if financing is desired, have approval before you leave our office.  You’ll be surprised at how easy we’ve made it!





 Jerry D. Stewart

Stewart Aviation Services Inc.

“Where Dreams Come True”

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