Why the Stanley Cup is so damn cool

The NHL has been getting in on the hockey hockey action with its new Stanley Cup logo, and now it’s getting into the spirit of the game with its own brand of ice cream.

The logo is a bit different than the original, which featured a cartoonish logo that was meant to be a bit more cartoonish, according to NHL executive VP of corporate communications David Poile.

Instead, Poile says the new logo is much more “family friendly.”

The logo is the “original in that it’s family friendly, and it’s not a cartoon,” Poile said.

“The family is the heart of the Stanley cup.

And this is the first time that we’ve really been able to do something like this where we’re really making it a family friendly brand, and that’s really the goal.”

It’s not the first thing the league has done with the name.

The first NHL team to use the name was the Pittsburgh Penguins in 1974, and the team went on to win the Stanley Cups in 1979 and ’82.

The name was adopted by the NHL in 2002.

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