Boeing is adding more to its aviation recipe

Boeing is rolling out more than a dozen new recipes to its Aviation Recipe line of jets.

The planes will replace older models like the 737 MAX and the 737 Maxx.

The company also is working on a few new jetliners, like the 777X, 737 Max, 737 MAX+ and 737 MAX+.

Boeing will also launch a new jet engine, called the 777-300ER, in the coming months.

The 737 Max will be its most expensive aircraft to date.

Boeing will add more recipes in the next few years, including the 737X, 787, and 777X.

Read more Boeing is working to make the 737Max more fuel efficient, with the 737-800 adding more than 15% to the fuel economy rating, compared to the 737.

Boeing has said that the 737MAX+ is the fastest jet ever to fly.

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