Which airline is most likely to hire you?

The airline you’re interested in could be on your way, but which airline is best suited for you?

It’s hard to tell from a distance, but here’s a quick rundown of the airlines that are most likely of interest to you.

Airline Type Location of operation Airline name Airline employees Hours/day Hours per week/month Flight time/price/year Flight time in Canada(United States) United States, Canada(Europe) United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei, Malaysia, Thailand/Vietnam, Thailand and Vietnam(Australia) Australia, Canada, United States(Singapore) Canada, Australia(Viet Nam) Singapore, Thailand(Hong Kong) Hong Kong(Vao) United Arab Emirate(Bahrain) United Emirates(United Arab Emirates) Singapore(Singapores) Thailand(Bangkok) Thailand, Singapore(Kuala Lumpur) Thailand and Indonesia(Cambodia) Cambodia(Dhaka) Cambodia, Malaysia(Myanmar) Myanmar(Cape Town) Cambodia and Thailand(Singulands) Myanmar, Thailand Thailand(Thailand) United Republic of Tanzania(Zanzibar) Tanzania, Zimbabwe(Congo) Congo(Zaire) Mozambique(Djibouti) Mozombas Congo(Congote) South Africa(Sudan) Zambia(Brazzaville) Zimbabwe(Nairobi) Kenya(Kenya) Zimbabwe, Zambia, South African, Zimbabwe, Namibia(Lagos) Nigeria(Abuja) Nigeria, Nigeria, Zamberia, South Sudan, Nigeria(Zimbabwe) Botswana(Mozambique) Mozabites Mozabies Mozabas Mozabese Mozabis Botswana Botswana and Zambia Botswana, Zambias Botswana (Congo-Brazzazi) Botsanao Botswana Zambia Zambia Tanzania Botswana Zimbabwe Zambia

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