When will I be able to take advantage of the job offer from JetBlue?

JetBlue is offering an online job search to attract employees to the airline.

The company said it’s working with the company’s aviation community to create a new pilot and other aviation jobs.

The job postings, which are in JetBlue’s aviation portal, ask people to fill out the following questions: What would you do for JetBlue if you could? 

Do you have the skills and experience to be a JetBlue pilot? 

What is your passion? 

How would you travel and live the life of an aviation pilot?

The job posting also includes a link to a JetBlacks job search page.

JetBlue previously said it has seen a surge in interest in the airline, with many airlines offering more than 40 positions.

In its latest annual report, JetBlue said it expects its total aviation workforce to grow by almost 50% in 2021.

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