How to sue the ABC for libel: An airline lawyer’s guide

Aussie lawyer Richard Allen’s latest book is about suing the ABC.

The latest edition of Mr Allen’s book, published on Wednesday, is entitled: “Why you can’t sue the Australian Broadcasting Corporation”.

In it, Mr Allen outlines a number of reasons why the ABC is a defamatory and inaccurate publication.

The book is titled The ABC is an Accusatory Newspaper – A defence for defamation.

The ABC is defamating youThe ABC has committed an act of libel against youMr Allen says the ABC has done so by misrepresenting his client’s position on aviation.

“I would also point out that the ABC made an error in reporting that your client had written an opinion in an article about the crash,” Mr Allen says.

“They were using a misleading quote from your client.”

The ABC also misrepresented Mr Allen as an aviation lawyer, Mr Austin said.

“The ABC used the word aviation lawyer in their article, and in fact, I have no association with the ABC and have never worked for them,” he said.

He said he was shocked the ABC used a quote from Mr Allen without any reference to his own professional training.

“When I was looking at my CV, I was able to see I had a Master of Law from a very respected Australian law school,” Mr Austin told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“But it wasn’t in there.”

Mr Austin also pointed out that Mr Allen had never been in the air or flown in an aircraft before.

Mr Austin’s book claims the ABC was trying to make a case that Mr Austin had been a flight instructor, and that his client was in fact a pilot.

“As you can imagine, this is a case of defamation, which is a tort,” Mr Allan said.

Mr Allen has already been sued for defamation by the ABC over a story about the disappearance of a young woman in South Australia in 2007.

He has also previously been sued by the Federal Government for defamation over a 2007 article he wrote about a man who died while being treated for cancer.

Mr Allan said he did not know the specifics of his latest lawsuit, but he was sure it would not be a case where he would have to defend himself in court.

“What you will not find is any mention of a lawyer’s fees, which are normally included,” Mr Lawrence said.

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