Tom Ford and Aviator Jacket Made From Leather Aviator Jackets

Tom Ford, the brand’s longtime owner and designer, is bringing back leather aviator jackets with a new line of jackets.

The first collection, “Aviator Leather Jacket” will be available in September at Tom Ford stores, and will include a pair of leather aviator jackets made from a pair in the style of the vintage aviator suit, with a classic leather strap and shoulder patch.

The jackets are expected to be available for $175, with the full price of the jacket set at $220.

The jackets are inspired by Tom Ford’s leather avionics jacket, which is the same fabric that the brand uses for its leather aviatron jackets.

Tom Ford, whose aviatrons have been the subject of countless memes, has been making leather avietors since the company started selling its first collection in 1988.

The brand first released a leather avion in 2014, with an additional pair in 2017.

The company also recently rebranded its leather jacket line, “Lion,” to reflect the new aviatonic design.

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