Aviation weather govt proposes $10 billion fund for India

Aviation weather services provider Aircel has proposed a new $10.5 billion fund to help India meet its aviation weather forecast requirements.

The company said the fund will be used to cover operational costs of forecasting and forecasting infrastructure in India.

The funds will be available to help finance infrastructure such as roads, power, water, airports, airports control towers, air traffic control centres, water and power distribution, water distribution and wastewater treatment.

“The government of India has stated that it expects to need at least 500 million units of aviation equipment and capacity by 2020,” said Aircel’s CEO Amit Agarwal in a statement.

“This will require the country to spend a minimum of $2.4 trillion to meet this requirement.

The funding is a step towards the objective of reducing aviation demand by at least 80 per cent by 2020.”

India’s weather forecast, as outlined by the Indian Meteorological Department, is based on weather data provided by weather stations across the country.

The data can be downloaded from the government’s National Weather Service (NWS), which has the capability to provide forecasts and warnings, weather data feeds from other weather agencies, and weather data from various private sources, including weather satellites.

India has been struggling with heavy air pollution and the country’s aviation industry has been hit hard by the ongoing air pollution crisis.

Air India has also had to pay hundreds of millions of dollars in damages due to the pollution crisis, with the government seeking to raise revenue to meet its budget deficit.

Aircel has raised its forecast for air traffic in India to 5.5 million flights per day, from the 4.6 million that were forecast in the previous financial year.

The company has also raised its forecasts for India’s annual air pollution levels to 20 micrograms per cubic meter, which is considered the upper limit for harmful pollutants.

The latest forecast has also predicted that India will have no more than 500 million air-conditioned passenger planes, compared to the current forecast of 4.8 million planes, the company said.

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