Flight simulator gets its first iOS update

iOS 10.3.1 brings an overhauled version of Flight Simulator, the game that inspired the original Flight Simulator.

As part of this update, users can now choose from one of three new avionics: a new avionic system called the “Avionics Core” that provides access to the avionics in the main avionics suite; or the “Cortex” avionic, which gives access to all of the avionic systems within the flight sim and provides enhanced flight performance.

The new avioid system also includes an ability to configure flight modes.

The iOS 10 update also includes bug fixes and performance improvements, including the ability to launch a new flight simulator in the App Store.

The update is available now in the iOS App Store, Google Play and the Apple App Store in the US and Canada.

It also includes a few other tweaks to the iOS 10 avionics, including new aviosettings to configure avionics and the ability for users to assign avios to their flight sim controllers.

iOS 10 also includes new aviatorsettings for the new Flight Simulator controllers, which can be used to assign controllers to the Simulator and to change the avioids on the simulator’s flight sims.

Apple also announced the release of a new iPad Pro tablet for developers and users.

The tablet comes with support for the iOS 9.2.2 and iOS 9, along with the latest iOS 10 updates.

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