Month: September 2021

Why Reddit is not an aviator’s dream

The internet has been full of aviator stories for decades, but it seems to be taking off for a different reason.For one, there are more people aviator-related jobs than ever before.That’s because aviator jobs are growing more popular than ever.But Reddit, which has an aviatrix community and is often credited as the birthplace of aviation, […]

‘Dior’ sunglasses and the ‘American Aviator’ mastercard

Dior is set to launch a new line of sunglasses to cater to aviators and other travellers, but the brand is also hoping to be recognised as a pioneer in the emerging category of smart glasses.In an interview with The Independent, Dior’s chief executive officer, Edmond de Koning, said the glasses will be made with […]

How to pronounce ‘Aviator’

The Irish word for ‘Aviation’ is aviator meaning “aircraft”.It is pronounced ‘a-VA-ir’.Here’s how to pronounce it: Airplanes and helicopters are different words.You need to be able to pronounce both words.Aviator means “airplane”.It’s pronounced ‘ah-VAH-eer’.Aviator meaning aircraft.It’s not pronounced ‘av-a-Ier’.Aileron means “wheel” or “tire”.It doesn’t sound very similar to the word ‘Aileron’ but you can find […]

When will I be able to take advantage of the job offer from JetBlue?

JetBlue is offering an online job search to attract employees to the airline.The company said it’s working with the company’s aviation community to create a new pilot and other aviation jobs.The job postings, which are in JetBlue’s aviation portal, ask people to fill out the following questions: What would you do for JetBlue if you could? Do […]

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