When you are the biggest pilot in the world you are often overlooked

LONDON: Aviation students at Luton University were denied access to a flight simulator in their graduation ceremony on Saturday, after a colleague told them they could not enter because of safety concerns.

Students at the school said they were told by Luton-based pilot James McManus that the aircraft they were entering had not undergone any tests in the past five years.

The incident comes amid a heightened awareness of safety in the aviation industry after a series of deadly crashes, including the death of a pilot at a flight school in California.

McManus told the students they would not be able to fly into the simulator after the ceremony, but the students were allowed to enter.

A Luton spokesperson said they had been informed by the FAA of the incident and had “regretted” the decision.

“We understand that the safety of our students and staff is our paramount concern, and our students were told that they were not allowed to fly,” the spokesperson said.

“The students are in the process of submitting a request for an exemption from the safety assessment, and we will take a position on the matter.”

Luton is the biggest private university in Britain with about 6,500 students.

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