Which craft breweries have the best beer?

The number of craft breweries in Canada has reached a record level, with some estimating they have more than 400 brews on tap.

But the reality is that many don’t know what they’re drinking.

Today’s brewers need to learn how to tell beer apart from everything else.

Here are the 10 most notable brewers in Canada.

Aviator Brewing Company, Calgary The Aviator brewpub opened in 2014 and has quickly become one of the most popular craft breweries around.

It’s got the biggest beer menu in the country, and it even has its own wine and spirits line.

But that’s not all.

Aviato brews a range of delicious beers, from their seasonal sour beer to a seasonal wheat ale.

They also have a line of specialty beer, including some seasonal sour and porter, as well as some seasonal imperials.

Avios Brewing Company , Ottawa Avios is a brewery that was founded in 1892 and has been in operation since 1894.

They produce beer for bars, restaurants and other establishments around the world.

Their most recent release was the beer “The Sunken City” from 2016.

The brewery has become one a part of the Canadian craft beer scene, and their beers are all very popular.

The Avios Brewery, Ottawa.

(Supplied: The Aviatos Brewery) The Sunkened City: The brewery is in the basement of The Soho Hotel in Ottawa.

It opened in 2017 and has become a popular spot for craft beer drinkers.

They’ve released a number of seasonal beers, including a summer seasonal called “The Summer Beer.”

In 2018, the brewery released “Summer Beer,” which is a summer saison with strawberries, blueberries and raspberry syrup.

Aviogreen Brewing Co. , Kitchener-Waterloo Kitchener is also a craft beer destination, with a lot of craft beer bars, pubs and restaurants to choose from.

Kitchener has been home to many of the world’s top brewers, and they are all on tap at their brewery.

The Kitchener brewery is currently being expanded.

Their newest brew is called “Blueberries & Cream.”

The brewery also has their own line of sour beers.

In 2018 they released a new seasonal, “Sour Cherry,” with orange peels and a cherry.

The Brewery is located at 1050 Dundas St. W. (Map) The Brewery in the Kitchener neighbourhood of Kitchener, Ontario.

(CBC) The Pilsner The Pillsner is a German style brewery that opened in 2005.

It has a lot going for it, with beer that’s very hoppy, refreshing and has a pretty large beer menu.

The Pikesville brewery has released a couple of beers over the years.

Their latest is called the “Blueberry Pilsener.”

They have a few seasonal offerings, including the beer that is currently in the fridge called “Pilsener-München,” which has blueberries.

The beer is made with hops, which is what makes it so refreshing.

The Bierhaus in Ottawa was the first brewery in Canada to be designated as a “craft brewery” by the government in 2018.

It is now the largest brewery in the province, and there is an impressive beer menu, with more than a hundred different beers on tap in the Brewery.

The building that the brewery is located in, Pikes River, is home to The Biers Brewery.

(Google Maps) The Biesner is one of Germany’s top beer producers.

Their flagship beer is called a Bier, which means “bitter ale” in German.

It was brewed in 2012, and the brewery has since been expanding its beer offerings.

Their new brew is the new seasonal “The Pils” that is made up of raspberry, blueberry and lemonade.

The name is an homage to a famous Berlin street scene.

The Kolsch The Koesch brewery opened in 2012 and is now in a new building on the north side of the city.

It started as a beer bar and restaurant in a converted warehouse.

It now has a wide variety of beers on its beer menu including a range from their signature “Coffee Porter” to a “Bierbier” which is the German word for “lager beer.”

The Komskis Brewery in Toronto opened in 2008, and has since expanded to the new “Brewpub”.

The new building is currently home to the Komski’s, a Toronto based brewery that’s currently building a new brewery.

They recently released their “Bierscher Blut” and “Sours Bierbiers” beers.

The new brewery is a joint venture between Komskerbier and a Canadian brewery.

In 2019, the Koeskis released a beer called “Soup-Soup,” which was a combination of sour cherry, lemon and orange.

(Komskie, Toronto) The Rave in Vancouver The Raves Brewery opened in 2004, and since then has expanded into the Rave Hotel in

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