What to expect when you’re watching the premiere of ‘The Pilot’ from Fox News

FOX NEWS — The pilot of the new FOX News Channel’s hit series The Pilot will be returning to the network on May 24.

The network announced on Tuesday that Joe Rogan, the host of the hit TV show, will host the premiere episode of The Pilot, which stars Jon Hamm, Jada Pinkett Smith and Michael Kelly, on FOX News Sunday at 11:30 p.m.


Watch the pilot episode of “The Pilot” on FOXNEWS.com The pilot will air in the evening hours of May 24 and will be streamed live on FOXNews.com.

On Wednesday, The Pilot is expected to return for a second season on FOX Business Network and Fox News Channel, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The pilot was originally broadcast on September 10, 2013, and it has been described as “a series of interviews with people who are just like you, except for the fact that they’re not talking to you, they’re talking to their friends.”

The pilot will also feature guests from the entertainment industry and will feature segments on the Kardashians, the Kardashian clan and Justin Bieber.

The pilot episode is slated to air on Sunday, May 24 at 11 p.c. and will also be streamed on FOXBusiness.com, FOXNews Channel, Fox News Sundays, FOX Sports Sunday and FOX News at 10 p.e.m ET.

The Pilot will also air on FOX Sports, FOX Business, FOX News Sundays and FOX Sports Monday.

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