Dior’s new Aviator sunglasses feature high-quality design, smart design

Dior is known for high-end luxury and luxury watches.

But what about its high-performance aviation products?

Dior is bringing the aviator’s look to high-tech sunglasses.

The company unveiled its first line of high-performing aviator frames and sunglasses on Wednesday.

They are called Aviator Sport, Aviator Elite, and Aviator Ultra.

The Aviator Supreme comes in four shades, and each one is specially designed to achieve its goal of producing the best possible image.

The sunglasses come in three colors, including the classic black and blue.

The Ultra Supreme is a brighter shade, and it comes in two colors: gold and black.

Dior says the aviators come in various sizes and shapes, but the most impressive of all are the Aviator Sports.

The sunglasses come with two-tone fabric, and they are designed to fit on the eye with the widest angle possible.

Dionne Boccaccio, the fashion editor of The Atlantic, says the glasses are more than just fashionable, they are smart.

They have the same design and technology as a smartwatch.

“Dior Aviator sports are designed specifically to be worn on the face,” Boccacino wrote in a piece about the sunglasses.

“The sunglasses have a curved profile and an elegant, rounded bezel.”

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