“I just can’t go through it again”

The Air Force Academy has fired an instructor after a student reported being sexually assaulted, the academy announced Friday.

Air Force Maj. Robert W. Martin, a senior airman who had been assigned to the aviation academy’s aviation training center, resigned after the incident.

The Airman Association of America, which represents the academy’s instructors, released a statement saying Martin “firmly regrets the incident.”

The Air Force has been grappling with a series of sexual assaults and harassment scandals since last year, when the military began requiring instructors to report sexual assault incidents to the military.

Martin, a 22-year Air Force veteran, was a four-year instructor in the aviation training academy.

He had been serving as a reserve instructor since November.

He was fired for violating a policy that requires instructors to complete a two-hour training course on the importance of reporting allegations of sexual assault.

“While the Air Force is deeply concerned about the reports of sexual misconduct against our cadets and instructors, the service cannot tolerate such behavior and we stand behind our instructors,” said Air Force Lt.

Gen. Chris Bogdan, commander of the Air Combat Command, in a statement.

The academy said in a letter to students and faculty on Friday that Martin had resigned for violating the military’s policy, which requires instructors “to complete a training course in sexual assault prevention and response.”

In the letter, the Academy also said Martin had been “inappropriate and/or negligent” in reporting the incident, including failing to respond to an email about the incident with the proper information.

Martin’s departure comes at a time when the Airforce is facing a series by sexual assault scandals, including allegations that one of its pilots raped a minor and two other cadets were accused of assaulting female instructors.

In June, an Air Force colonel resigned over allegations that he sexually assaulted two female cadets.

That month, Air Force Capt. David D. Williams was fired after he allegedly sexually assaulted a female instructor, according to a report from the Air Forces Times newspaper.

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