How Lincoln Aviator’s new $3.2M model outperformed a new $10M Mustang (paywall)

When the Lincoln Avion went on sale last year, the new Mustang had a reputation for being a more reliable performer than the Avion.

Its big air intake and two-seat design were supposed to make it easier for pilots to land and take off.

But after nearly a year of testing, the Avio and its Mustang successor were found to be vastly superior in terms of performance and reliability.

This is what the Lincoln team said: The Lincoln Avio’s performance is as good or better than any Mustang currently on the market, and its reliability and safety record are unparalleled.

The Lincoln team also noted that Lincoln has developed its own engine design that improves fuel efficiency, fuel economy and engine durability, and the Avios new, more advanced engine design is already being used by the Mustang.

The Lincoln team didn’t say how much the new Lincoln would cost.

It’s expected to go on sale sometime in 2018.

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