What you need to know about aviation in Ireland

General Electric aircraft are flying over the skies of Ireland this weekend.

The US-based manufacturer is set to hold a media event at Dublin Airport to unveil a brand new aircraft, the EJ-7.

The aircraft is expected to be the first in its family to enter the air, which will be able to take off vertically and land vertically.

The first flight will take place on Friday evening and the aircraft will land at the airport in Galway at 10:00am.

The EJ 7 is a twin-engined twin-seat turboprop aircraft, with the ability to carry up to eight passengers and carry a total weight of 1,200kg.

The model was unveiled earlier this month at the company’s headquarters in St Louis, Missouri.

The company has a long history in the world of aviation, having first launched the first jetliner in 1927.

General Electric is also the maker of the E-Series jet, which is powered by a single turbine.

The firm was founded in 1912 and has more than 140,000 employees worldwide.

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