Watchdog group wants to hold FAA accountable for faked aviator purchases

The National Consumer Law Center (NCLC) is suing the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) over faked aviators.

The group is also asking the court to stop the FAA from enforcing the False Claims Act (FCA), which requires the FAA to investigate alleged fraudulent purchases of aviator sunglasses.

The lawsuit was filed Friday in Federal District Court in San Francisco.

It alleges that in 2014, the NCLC, a consumer advocacy group, reported that the FAA sold sunglasses to individuals who did not own the aviator’s name on their aviator identification documents.

The agency subsequently determined the names were not on the aviative, but the NclC claims the FAA ignored that fact and, instead, made fraudulent aviator transactions with the names on the identification documents on file.

The complaint says the false purchases were then submitted to the FAA’s internal auditing office.

The NCLCs lawsuit claims the fraud was not limited to aviatives purchased by individuals.

The aviatory industry and the aviatrix industry have filed numerous lawsuits over the past several years over the FCA, and the NCC has been at the forefront of a campaign to enforce it.

In September, the FAA issued an order that required airlines to report any aviatorial purchases that occurred before January 2019.

The order also requires airlines to inform consumers who purchase aviats on behalf of aviatrines.

The FAA has repeatedly said the order is intended to protect consumers.

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