Which country’s aviation instructors are the best?

The United States has been ranked No. 1 among countries in the world for its aviation instructors by the International Association of Aviation Instructors (IAA-IATA).

According to the rankings, which are based on research done by IAA-ITA, the U.S. led the way for quality instructors, followed by Japan, Germany and Canada.

While it is a major accomplishment for the U:S., the IAA said that it was important to take into account other factors that may be influencing the rankings.

“The rankings reflect our focus on education, training and certification, as well as the importance of continuing to diversify our workforce and attract the best talent to our industry,” said IAA president and CEO Steve Boudreau.

The IAA is the world’s largest association of aviation instructors and includes a network of more than 2,000 international instructors, including some from the United States.

It has been a long road for the ICAI.

In 2013, the organization was taken over by the National Association of Aeronautical Engineers (NAE), which also was in the process of downsizing.

That led to a major reorganization in 2018, and a reorganization that resulted in the elimination of the IEA-IASI as the organization’s governing body.

In 2019, the IAEA rebranded as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

The IAEa is the umbrella organization for the largest aviation training and education organization in the U.: the National Academy of Air and Space Sciences (NASAS), the governing body of the American Institute of Aeromedical Engineers (AIAE).

In its place, the NASAS established the National Aviation Education Association (NAEA-NAS) as a new entity to serve as a clearinghouse for all aviation training, education, and certification requirements.

The NASAS was established in 1984 by President Ronald Reagan.

It is responsible for providing national and international certification requirements for aircraft and related industries.

The NASAS is led by the Association of American Fire Fighters (AFAF), the professional organization of the nation’s fire service.

The IEA, which is not affiliated with the NASAs, serves as the governing association for the FAA.

The U.K. is second in the IIA’s rankings.

The U.N. agency was ranked in 18th place.

Japan, Germany, Canada and France all landed at No. 3 in the rankings based on an assessment of training quality.

Canada and France are among the top five countries for aviation instructors.

The IEA is responsible.

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