When is your flight coming to you?

The skies over Australia’s Pilbara region are looking like they’re going to be quite a bit less quiet than usual this week.

A low pressure system is expected to move north from the east this week with temperatures expected to fall into the mid-30s and rainfall in the region will be below average.

As a result, pilots and air traffic controllers will be forced to rely on their judgement to make decisions on flying times and destinations.

Weatherzone, a meteorological organisation, is forecasting an expected “normal” weather pattern in the area.

However, there is a slight chance of some heavy rainfall.

“This system is very strong and will likely have a very strong influence on aviation over this period of time,” Weatherzone spokesperson Sarah Gough said.

The last time this type of low pressure moved across the Pilbara was back in August.

It has since moved west and has been forecast to return to the region on Wednesday.

“The forecast is for heavy rainfall and a bit of cloud, which will help to bring the wind down over the Pilbaras and make for a pretty dry day,” Weatherzones chief meteorologist Chris Healy said.

“It is going to take some getting used to, but the forecast looks like it will be a normal day for Pilbarans for a few hours.”

The low pressure moving across the region is expected by the end of the day on Wednesday, but some of the strongest winds will come from the west.

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