Pilot sports

Pilot sports is the subreddit for pilots of all types.

This subreddit has the largest collection of pilots of any aviation sub.

They have also been known to occasionally troll other pilots and their communities, and they often do so for personal reasons.

One of the most notorious trolls is the man behind the username “VIP_Pilot”, who is known to post the names and addresses of pilots in the subreddit.

The username “Pilot_Guy” is also known for posting photos of his pilots.

Another prominent member of the community is “Pilots_Guy”, who posts regularly to this subreddit.

Pilots_guy is also the most prolific poster of aviator photos in this subreddit, posting over 50,000 aviator pictures.

PILOT_JULIA is a self-proclaimed “aviation expert” with a flair for aviation.

He is known for his extensive aviation knowledge and has posted about aviation technology, such as the F135 engine, the F8 engine, and the A300 engine.

His avionics expertise includes avionics for the F-16, F-35, and F-22 fighter jets, as well as the C-130J cargo aircraft.


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