How to ride a plane like a hero

For some of us, flying the planes that flew us to the moon and back has been a rite of passage.

For others, flying a plane is a chore.

For those who have spent their lives in the air, the experience is something you just have to live with.

For many, flying has given them the opportunity to experience something new.

In a bid to show how important flying is, has selected a few stories that will help to explain why it’s important for Australians to fly.

From an aerobatic instructor to a pilot on a mission, here are five stories that tell the story of how flying changed our lives.1.

‘Flying a plane can give you a taste of the world’ When you are a kid, you spend most of your time flying, playing and playing with your friends.

But that’s all changed in the last decade.

Today, the number of children doing these activities has gone up by two-thirds.

But it doesn’t stop there.

In 2015, the Australian Aviation Industry (AAI) reported that, over the past 12 months, the flying community has grown by a further 22 per cent.

This has been due in part to the increased availability of young adults who want to learn to fly, especially as the economy continues to recover.


A pilot who had his career end due to cancer is still trying to fly When Tom McPhee flew for the first time in 1972, it was his first flight.

The following year, he was named an aircraft instructor at Curtin University.

It was at Curtins university that McPhees first met his future wife, Sally.

He went on to become an instructor for Curtin’s Advanced Flight Training program.

Sally would go on to teach McPhey a number of years later, but his love for the skies was unshakeable.

“The fact that he could get out there and fly was so amazing to me, it just felt like I could fly.

I just thought, ‘You know, this is where I’m going to be in 10 years’,” Sally told 3.

It wasn’t until 2001 that the world saw the last of John Fennelly When John Finkenheiser was diagnosed with lung cancer, he knew he had to take the fight to the battle against the disease.

Finkenhiser, a former Royal Australian Air Force (RAF) fighter pilot, had fought his way through a variety of cancers in his career.

His condition had been a constant battle for years.

With his family in Australia, Finkenstein was left with little choice but to take on the difficult decision of a terminal diagnosis.

When Finkenberg passed away in March 2017, he left behind a wife and daughter.

Finkens life was forever changed.


John Fitch became the first person to fly a plane from Australia to Japan After flying a number.1 flights to Japan and Australia in the 1960s, John Fickenheisers first flight took place on July 17, 1960.

At the time, Fickens flight was the first of its kind, and would be the first flight to take place in the Pacific.

Although it was a great experience for John and his family, Fitch was eventually diagnosed with terminal colon cancer and had to retire from the flying business.


It’s not only pilots who love flying planes – the community is loving it tooIt’s hard to believe it’s been more than a century since the first aerobatics instructor ever taught.

John Fitch is still remembered for the thrill of taking his first step on the controls of a plane, but in the 20 years since his last flight, the passion and passion for the hobby has become more and more prevalent.

This year, the ABC revealed that the hobby is thriving.

There are now over 600,000 people in the flying communities across Australia, and many are trying to teach others the skills they developed as children.

As well as a thriving community, there are many people who are still passionate about the sport and have taken on the challenge of teaching others to fly like John Ficks.

And they’re all doing it with a smile on their faces.

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