How to Build a Strom-Aero Hovercraft | YouTube channel

Posted September 11, 2018 11:23:17A Strom Airplane is the world’s first aviation adventure vehicle, powered by an avionics system that’s able to fly over any type of obstacle.

The drone can also take off and land on any terrain and is the first to be flown on the ground.

The Strom Aerobatic Aviation Museum and Museum Strom Aviation Museum & Museum in Stromboli, Italy, built its Strom Aero Hovercraft by combining the best of aircraft design with the modern technology of the latest technology.

The Strom Airstream is a flying device that combines the aerobatic experience of a helicopter with the aerodynamics of an aerobatics drone.

The museum has more than 1,000 pieces of aviation related technology including flight control systems, avionics, aviator goggles, and a wing with a rotor.

The wing is a modified version of a wing that is currently used by commercial airline pilots.

The wingspan of the Strom aerobatically propelled hovercraft is 6 feet (1.7 meters) tall and its wingspan measures approximately 30 feet (9.7 m) long.

It is powered by a Strim Airstrip, a propeller driven airfoil that is designed to make a stable wing.

A Strim-Aeros aircraft is a very low cost, very lightweight aircraft that is a perfect example of the high technology of aviation.

It can be flown in any weather conditions and it can be used for commercial or recreational purposes.

It was designed by the Italian firm Bendix and is based on the design of a modern airplane, the Strum Aerobatics A-310, which is also the name of the aircraft.

The aerobacy is also a great example of modern innovation in the aviation industry.

It offers a unique experience that allows people to fly in any conditions and without fear of injury or loss.

The ability to fly on any type and at any altitude makes this a truly unique flying experience.

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