Month: July 2021

How to save time and money with our airline tickets

What you need to know about airport parking requirements, where to park and where to go on holiday.Find out moreWhat you need for airport parking:Parking regulations in general and in airports are different for different airports.Some airports are regulated by local councils, while others have regional councils, which are responsible for airport management.There are also […]

How to buy a Bose headset

Bose announced on Monday it is partnering with Apple to make its headset compatible with Apple’s AirPods.This will allow customers to use the AirPod for music playback and playlists on Bose’s headphones, including the Beats Music streaming service.Bose’s AirPod headphones, available in four colors, come with Bluetooth and a microSD card slot, and are priced […]

Aviator Gear & Accessories, Aviator Gloves & Accessories for the Home, Home Automation & Home Repair

Aviation Accessories & Gear for the home, home automation & home repair: Aviator goggles, Aviojet aviator jackets, Aviator gloves & accessories for the kitchen, kitchen appliances, lighting & more.Aviator gloves & belts for the outdoors: AvioJet aviator belts & belts & accessories.Avio jet gloves & gloves for outdoor adventures & more: Aviators leather aviator gloves.Avios […]

When You’re a Billionaire: What You Should Know About Black Aviator Sunglasses and Avionics

A new wave of black avionics is being introduced, one that is more advanced than the previous generations of black sunglasses.And, it’s not a new one.While the technology was initially introduced in the 1990s and 2000s, the latest generation is the first to use a fully integrated camera and the technology is being marketed as […]

What is the cost of flying?

This is a guest post by Chris Pynchon.He is the author of ‘The Flight’, the bestseller about the life of an airline pilot.Chris is an aviation cocktail writer and the founder of The Flight.He also writes for The Conversation, The Age and The Guardian.Topics:airline-operations,australia,aimee-mcmahon-julian,japan,south-africa,fiji,benjamin-flynn,benghazi,united-kingdom

How to learn aviator basics from the first day

A new generation of lincoln-class aviators is being trained to learn the basics of aviation from the beginning of the pilot’s life to the day of the flight.Aviator schools have been offering aviation school courses since the 1960s.Now, a new generation are taking the opportunity to learn from an aviator’s first day.The aviologists are being […]

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