Which airports are still under FAA investigation for aviation ordinance leaks?

An aviation lawyer is suing two major airports in Maryland, claiming they violated the law by failing to properly investigate and respond to the recent explosion at an aircraft maintenance hangar that killed eight people and injured more than 70 others.

The lawsuit filed in Maryland Superior Court on Tuesday alleges the airports are responsible for the ongoing spread of hazardous materials and that they are failing to protect the public from potential threats.

The attorney for the plaintiffs, Jason Schreier, says the airlines failed to properly vet workers and contractors onsite at the hangar before they arrived at work, allowing an explosion to occur on July 31.

Schreiher is also suing the two airlines that run the facility, United and Delta.

According to the lawsuit, the two airports are among a number of major airports that have experienced explosions at aircraft maintenance garages in recent years.

Schreier says he and other attorneys for the airlines have also been targeted with bomb threats in recent weeks.

United says the explosion occurred on July 22, but the lawsuit claims the explosion happened on July 29.

Delta says that explosion happened July 29, but Schreie says that the explosion in question happened on Aug. 8.

The suit alleges that, after a series of investigations, it became apparent that there was no cause for the explosion and that no additional work was needed.

The lawsuits claims that the airports failed to do proper background checks on workers and those who worked onsite before they started work, and they failed to have proper communication with the FAA regarding the safety of the facility.

It also alleges that the two organizations were not properly trained in how to deal with explosives or other hazardous materials, and that the facilities lacked a plan for how to prevent an explosion in the future.

The two airlines and United have both denied any wrongdoing.

The explosion at the United facility killed eight workers and injured nearly 70 others, and the blast injured more people.

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