Month: June 2021

Lincoln: The Aviation Industry Needs More Airliners

Lincoln: Lincoln Aviation Industries, Inc. is a new company that focuses on providing airliners with innovative new technology that will reduce the need for long-distance flights.Lincoln Aviation Industries is the only aviation company that provides the airliners used by Lincoln Air, Lincoln Aerospace, and Lincoln Aviation International.The Lincoln Air line was established in 2001 to […]

Which airports are still under FAA investigation for aviation ordinance leaks?

An aviation lawyer is suing two major airports in Maryland, claiming they violated the law by failing to properly investigate and respond to the recent explosion at an aircraft maintenance hangar that killed eight people and injured more than 70 others.The lawsuit filed in Maryland Superior Court on Tuesday alleges the airports are responsible for […]

When Google’s Gama Air takes off: Inside the US, Brazil and the Middle East

The US, for example, is a prime example of an emerging market where Google has a major foothold in terms of aviation.The US has been the US’s number one market for aviation since the 1960s and is the world’s second-largest aviation market, behind only China.The company has also enjoyed success in Africa, where it operates […]

How to avoid the worst aviation weather

A big storm is approaching the Northwest coast and there’s no guarantee you’ll be in the clear when the storm hits.Here’s how to stay safe in the worst-case scenario.1.Get to a location with good weather forecasts.The storm is expected to be mild in the Northwest, but strong winds and a strong front are expected in […]

Lincoln Airline’s Lincoln Aviator Chair, designed by Sir Isaac Newton and designed by Martin Segal, won the 2014 Aviation Technology Awards

Lincoln Airlines, the UK’s largest airline, has been awarded a $1.5 million award for its innovative Lincoln Aviatrix chair.The company said the chair, which has been in development since the 1960s, is now the third-most-popular chair in the UK.Sir Isaac has also designed the chair for the London Underground.The award is for the chair’s “exceptionally […]

How to get into the world of aviation and weather prediction

How do you get into aviation and forecast?That’s what I was talking about with my friend and I. We were all interested in weather, and he was into aviation.He was interested in aviation.We both ended up going to graduate school, but we ended up studying together in the United States.So I got my bachelor’s degree […]

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