How to find a good pilot in the UK

The UK has the second-highest number of people with an aviation degree (7.2 million), followed by the US with 6.8 million.But there is an even bigger gap between the two countries, with Australia and New Zealand accounting for less than one-third of the total.This gap has widened since the introduction of the new UK Aviation […]

General Electric’s new SUV, the Lincoln, is the ultimate luxury car

General Electric has announced a new luxury SUV, the General Electric Lincoln AViator, and announced that the car is a “premium sports car.”The Lincoln AViator will be the first luxury sports car from General Electric, according to the company.The Lincoln is described as the company’s “most advanced” and “most powerful” sports car.Its engine is designed […]

Aviation weather govt proposes $10 billion fund for India

Aviation weather services provider Aircel has proposed a new $10.5 billion fund to help India meet its aviation weather forecast requirements.The company said the fund will be used to cover operational costs of forecasting and forecasting infrastructure in India.The funds will be available to help finance infrastructure such as roads, power, water, airports, airports control […]

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